About Rising Sun Landscaping

Rising Sun Landscaping is a local organic land care company servicing the Farmington Valley and surrounding towns, West Hartford, and Litchfield County.  We adhere to the strictest organic standards of the Northeast Organic Farmers Asssociation(NOFA), so you can be sure that your lawn is safe for kids, pets, and pollinators immediately after application.  Please read more under the organic lawn section of the webpage for further information on our programs.

As well as the organic lawns, we have been involved in the landscape industry for over 25 years.  Starting off with a licensed arborist, the proper way to plant and prune was the introduction to a professional level of service that remains as important to us today as it was in the early 1990's. Moving away from tree work, we spent time with 2 full service landscape companies where we did the traditional design, installation, and maintenance of landscapes.  Finding a true passion in the field, this work continues to this day.  In the early 2000's it was finally time to start our own company, and we have been running at full speed ever since.  

Our favorite thing to do is to walk the property with a client who feels overwhelmed with their landacape, and come up with a solution that fits their needs and desires.  Often times an area will be completely overgrown, and that is when we do our best work.  Using our 25 plus years of experience working on residential properties, we love to transform an area  from an eyesore into the most aesthetically pleasing part of the yard.  Whether you would like to keep some of the plants that are already there, or start with a completely blank slate, we can design and install exactly what you are looking for.  Whether it is some plantings and mulch to add curb appeal, or a simple path that leads by a natural stone wall to a quiet sitting area, we look forward to establishing outdoor areas for your enjoyment.

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