Organic Shrub and Tree Fertilization

Something new that we are excited to offer this year is tree and shrub fertilization.  Our root feeder will allow us to deliver the nutrient needs for optimal health and welllness directly to the area where the plant can most efficiently and productively access them.  Much like a human eating well and taking vitamins to keep in the best shape possible, a plant also stands a better chance of survival if it is srong and vigorous.  This is especially important in an extreme weather environment where our trees and shrubs are living in a constant state of stress.  Our liquid fertilization and soil amendments will help the plants withstand these conditions and improve overall health.

Some of the materials that are part of our liquid mixture include fish hydrolystate, humic and fulvic acid, and mycorrhizal fungi.  The benefits that these, along with other ingredients, provide include increasing organic matter in the soil, increasing the surface area of the roots which leads to far greater absorption of the available nutrients, as well as improving the ability of the soil to hold water, break up clay, and reduce harmful salts.

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